Nov 29, 2012

Angels amongst us

                                                                        Angels amongst us
Guardian Angel
 Aren't these Precious!

 I made these Angels to hang
from the rear view mirror of your car.

Not large enough to obstruct your view
but big enough to reflect beautiful light
from the Chrystal beads back to you!

Heaven sent, I'd say so!

The hands are all moveable

Coral Rose Marie
                                  Lady Lillian

Angels are amongst us

 I found my inspiration for these precious Angels
 in a little book I found at a garage sale.

The book originally came as part and parcel of a
KLUTZ Kit.  The "FAIRIES" kit by Rachel Haab
was missing all materials to make the Angel but I did now have
a wonderful little book, complete with photographs and detailed instructions on how the Author went about making her Angels.

It just so happens that the Author is a 13 year old (at the time of publication) who lives in Springville, Utah.
Taken directly from the back of her book
-She loves playing soccer, drawing and creating things. She hopes to become a children's book illustrator someday.
"My brother, sister and I make miniature houses, and I decided to make an easy bendable Fairy to live inside. With this book I want to share the fun I had making them."

Wonderful Brooches
I have done these Angels up in a slightly smaller flower petal and glued a pin on the back.
They really are beautiful brooches.

Lillian the Domestic Engineer. All right reserved

Nov 27, 2012

Plant a Pen today!


Cleverly disguised PENS POTS!

Match to your guest or your room decor, place on counter and adore.

I just love these!
 Make Mom a Pen Pot for Mothers Day.
 Make and take one to work to brighten up your desk today. Create a bunch and throw a Garden Party today, marking the place settings with a gift your guests can then take away. 
Have the kids create one for the Teacher or your elderly neighbor just to say, Thanks for being there, You brighten our day.

Never lose your pen again! 
These pretty pens manage to find themselves back in the pot
more often than not.
 (I must confess to arriving home many a time myself myself to find an acquired pen or two in my pocket.) How and when it got there remaining ever a mystery. This Pen is too big not to notice yourself attempting to stuff it into your pocket.
Instructions HERE
I ran a Pen Pot class for kids from 4-14 year to Plant a Pen for Mothers DAy
Each and all of them enjoyed themselves and their resulting finished product.
One of the young ladies participating made a good point when she declared
 "It is the most perfect gift for my Mom because she is a Gardener without a green thumb!"

The little cards said
on one side
and the word Mom was mirrored upside down to read
on the other side.

Not long  after I ran my class I happened to see  a dozen Pen Pots on display at the Insurance Office I had occasion to visit. One of the Ladies working there had made one for atop each of the six wickets..

They looked fabulous!

And speaking of the business of Crafting, each and every part of every day should be crafted carefully.

What is LiBrow?

Nov 25, 2012

Polymer Key Canes

Polymer Clay canes
Original Fun Fashionable

Polymer Key Cane
Polymer Key Canes

Polymer Clay Canes
 Get started Today! Follow this Link for simple HOW TO PLAY
Simple designs are fun and fairly quick to create.
Learn to create "logs" of Polymer Clay and you will be fast on your way to a life of exciting play with Polymer Clay!

Sign up online to receive Micheal's Craft Sale Flyer's
that offers up Polymer Clay for as little as $1.50 a single block.
The large block of Polymer Clay at 40% off can be had for 8.00

                 How I made my Polymer Clay Key Cane

#1. Each Key Cane starts as a walnut sized piece of Polymer Clay. 
It is kneaded, rolled into a ball and set aside.

#2. Individual Canes are created and then thinly sliced slabs (of same) are placed and pressed onto the balls surface.

#3. The balls are then rolled to a smooth finish and a hole is pierced through the center.

#4. They are then baked at 250 degree Oven for 10 minutes.

#5. I thread a thin wire rod through the hole and finish the top with a Chrystal Bead and a loop.
#6. Attach a key ring to the wire loop. 

These Cork Key Chains were a happy surprise!
 I made small beads using bright green and transparent yellow Polymer Clay. 
After baking the beads I started to threaded them onto a 20 gauge wire when suddenly they began to look like... grapes. AHA!
          then Grapes they be...I just happened to have oodles of corks in a bag in the craft drawer upstairs.
They were just what I needed.
The toughest part of the project was piercing the cork all the way through to ensure that I could then push the wire through the cork for Key Chain assembly.

Cork + Polymer Clay Key Chain


  Twas several years before that I had made an awful lot of Cork Horse Ornaments 
 as a result of the generous donation of corks I had been blessed with.
  Did I say I made a lot of Cork Horse...I'm not sure how this bag of corks works!

    even after the Key Chains...
                                                                                       I am still laden with corks!
The Cork Horse Ornament

Polymer Clay Bowl
Beautiful Bowls can also be created
with the slabs of Polymer Clay Canes

This Bowl was formed and baked directly on the back of a glass Nappy Bowl that I had in my cupboard.

I use it as a Jewel Bowl on my night table.

        Click Here to Check out my Polymer Pleasure Page
                   Lillian The Domestic Engineer

Polymer Perfection
  Ornaments                      Bracelet                 Embellishment
Polymer Key Canes
 Kids CAN Play!
I ran a Key Cane class for Fathers Day, with a group of kids at The local Library
 As always, I was in awe of the impressive results.
We worked  at creating simple canes and at forming basic shapes.Within the 2 hour span of time that the class ran the kids had each created one simple shape key chain and at least 2 simple Canes.
Several of the boys chose to roll their leftover slices and bits into little balls that they then baked. They left the class with the addition of their own Handmade Marbles! (ingenious)
After a long, quiet, contemplative time and a good hour of crafting one of the little fellows excitedly exclaimed
"This a lot like rolling up Sushi."
I smiled at his revelation and then thanked them all for the opportunity I had been given as their instructor for the day.
"I couldn't agree with you more." I lamented
 I learned a lot today.

Nov 22, 2012

Light up your life!

Light up your life!
  Yes, you CANDLE
 Melt and pour Gel Candles
The hardest part of making these Gel Candles
 is deciding which design you'd like most to make.
 Limited only by your Imagination

 I created this Christmas gift melt and pour Gel Candle in a wine glass
 that I had previously hot glued onto a dinner plate. Both of which I purchased for a song at a Garage Sale the summer before the season I needed it.
 You have to put enough Hot Glue to build up the area between the plate and the bottom arch of the stem so don't be shy on the glue. Any glue that does seep out from under the base can easily be covered with theme or seasonal additions.
 I shop for Seasonal Additions all year long.   
 Keep your eyes open and your imagination alive when considering the bargain box at the end of the drive 
Spring and Summer Garage Sales are great opportunities.  

I opted to leave this Chocolate Almond scented Gel Candle as a natural Clear Gel but a large selections of Scents and Colors are available for personalizing your gift.
Silver sparkles in this Gel added to the glitter of the gold foliage and baubles.

Try Gel Candles in tea cups and saucers.
Personalize, sensationalize and realize!
Unique Wedding Favors  
 A wonderful winter project for a perfect summer Wedding

  Kid COOL Too! The prospect of making a candle this cool
may even prompt a rummage or a cleaning of their rooms.
Any broken or single earrings, small balls, bells, hard plastic characters or trucks, rocks, coins,or other cleanup stuff can be creatively used to lighten things up!
gelwax1.jpg     lemongel_small.jpg                              
How to make your own
                             Gel Candle in 6 easy steps!

There is so much to be done!
Sometimes you need a little magic in your life, and that is what Kate Benbow created when she made this tiny fairy doors appear in her home. I saw this on Design Sponge and was delighted to see a non-functional project that was made for the sole purpose of creating a splendid moment of joy for someone. How lovely and fun.



Nov 18, 2012

TD Summer Reading Program

2009 TD Summer Reading Program
 AGENT 009 Window Splash
TD Summer Reading Club
 Every year Libraries across CANADA get on board 
in an effort to keep our youth actively involved (and even enjoying) reading throughout the summer. 

 For three years in a row I took on the job of  creating, Co-ordinating and implementing the local Librarys'  involvement in the program.
Working with the national, annual theme and other promotional graphics, games and great prizes Theme 
Destination Jungle 2009
I created a road to reading Board Game that I called
                                Jungle Juxtaposition. 

TD Summer Reading Club. Game Table

 My inspiration sat at the end of the neighbors driveway... 
It was Big Spring Clean Up Week and there was the table
 just waiting for me. 
Disheveled and shoved to the edge of the curb I concurred, 
Annual Treasure Week was what I preferred. I swerved into the curb and opened the back of the Explorer 

(That I had strategically borrowed that morning to run to the store, knowing it was clean up week and that  I
needed it to avoid the usual struggle of getting someone else to get my bargains home...) 

 After finally tipping the thing into the back of the vehicle, I was able to push it in far enough in to drive safely the three houses back home.
Once I finally got the beast onto my deck (it is made of a plaster like material, which weighs a tonne!)
Using elements and colors from the annual poster, I began the process of decorating the table base itself.

Destination Jungle 2009

 The table was already a shiny black. 
You can see where I have painted on top of the original
finish with my acrylic paints. They have a matte finish.

I created the Game Board top on a separate piece of wood that was then glued to the table top.
This allowed for the game board to be removed and for the table top to be put back to other use.

I had picked up this wonderful wrought iron plant holder somewhere,
 at some time in my travels
(it called for a fresh coat of acrylic paint)
Happy to oblige, I brought it back to life!
It fit right in with the Jungle Theme
The two metal rings in which you place your plant pots were cleverly inserted between the table and the game board top.

The plastic animals were purchased at the Dollar Store,
the trees were created by hot gluing greenery from flowers together
and also with cinnamon sticks, glued greenery and polymer clay bananas. 
Real sand was pressed into to white glue to give a tactile feel to the game.
The water was painted with acrylic paint to which I sprinkled on sparkles 

I created  Game Pieces out of Polymer Clay and then wrote the kids names in black sharpie on the piece they chose as they entered to play.
 The unusually large and green Dice was a fun topic of conversation.
Each color on the board represented a home activity that the participant had to complete and return to the Library within 7 days.

Each returned project earned the player one roll on the game table and an entry into the grand prize draw.

 Free spaces, roll again and move backwards spaces made things interesting and kept participants coming back in anticipation.

 Each players place was noted on a notepad in the event that the game pieces should suffer an upset somehow throughout the week.

The activities ranged from short book reviews to writing poetry or finding and reporting details on a specified subject, animal or event. Word finds and definition, creating your own crossword and coloring activities kept players of all ages involved.

All of the returned assignments were hung with clothes pegs on a cotton line that I had strung across the Library for display purposes.

Here is some of the artwork I copied (directly from Promo pieces for the TD Summer Reading Program) 
 and painted into posters. I hung them through out the Library.

The Tiger
The painting below captures a section of the original poster. 
Painted with Acrylic Paint.

TD Summer Reading Program

 The Art of Ingenuity!
The foam core that I used for the posters arrived on my deck one sunny summers eve.
It appeared like the grin on my Sons face.

It was a 4x6 foot Tim Horton coffee board!

My love of coffee and his knowledge of same, suddenly produced a smile on my face.

Tattered and worn it was plain to see
but how got from where it was to now in front of me
 was not quite as clear to me.
Assured of the fact that it had been rescued
from the side of a road
and that
 "It was garbage Mom, that's why I brought it home"
I pondered the lesson to be learned and then thanked him for bringing it home.
" I knew you could use it for something Mom"...

 The final touch!
Painting the Library Windows

Nov 15, 2012

Get Crafty in the Kitchen today.

  Crafts from the kitchen!
Which came first, the Basket or the Craft?

Soaping is simple. 
Melt and pour Glycerin Soap, essential oil and soap coloring can be purchased in crafts stores everywhere.
Baskets, bags and other up-cycled receptacles bring personality to your creation.

Making soap really is as easy as melt and pour. 

Easy Wiki step by step
Bath Salts

4 cups Epson Salts (available at your local Drug Store)
mix in 4-5 drops of Essential  Bath Oil
(Optional) The Salts may be left white and placed into an airtight container at this stage
 or be separated  into several batches to which 4-5 drops of food color is added to each and mixed in.

Pour in different colored layers into beautiful glass jars. 
Tie a bow on the top, print up your own label for the front and presto, you're presenting presents!

Homemade Bath Salts
Bath Bombs away!
     Gift the bag!
  Easy, economical, enjoyable
          = Hot, Hot, Hot!
I happen to think that these magic bags are the hottest thing around.
 When you live where there is 6 months of bad winter followed by 6 months of bad summer
 anything associated with heat receives a warm welcome. 
The magic bags is loved by everyone. 
It provides therapeutic relief, it travels well
 and it is the gift that will keep on giving.

Heat magic bag in microwave oven for 2 min. and enjoy!

 This year I made bags to gift to my Senior clients. They were easy, economical and enjoyable.

SUPPLIES:  knee high nylons (2 pair for 1.00) Dollar store = .25/bag
                     work socks (2 pair for 2.00) Dollar store= .50/bag
                      rice (8kg = 10.00) approx. 10 socks= 1.00/bag
                                                                                    1.75 bag! 

 I use 3 cups of rice per bag. Start by filling the nylon knee high with rice, one cup at a time. 
I  put rice into a measuring cup and then stretch the nylon over the measuring cup.
 Turn the cup over, while holding the sides of the stocking and pour the rice, cup by cup into the stocking.
Make sure there are no twists in the stocking or the rice won't go all the way down.
Once filled,  lay the bag on a flat surface and stretch it out like a sausage. 
If you ball it all before tying it won't lay around your neck when finished. 
Tie a knot at the open end of the stocking. 
Next open the mouth of your sock and feed the stocking into it. Again, keeping the bag in a sausage shape will make it easier to feed into the sock. I have used a classic work sock here. 
Finally tie a knot in the open sock end.
I have added a fabric bow tie in seasonal colors. Any ribbon or bow can be tied on but don't forget to remind the user to remove any bows with wire BEFORE putting in microwave.

Magic Bag
                        Gift giving from the heart is a warm,

                                         wonderful  place to start.

                  Candles, Cards, Ornaments and more.
                  For the Love of Crafting More HERE

Nov 14, 2012

Ready, SET, CRAFT!


      Polymer clay Earrings
This was a fun summer collection of fruits and veges that I made a couple Summers ago. 
Polymer Clay becomes bananas, apples, grapes, pizza,  cookies.
The earrings posts and the brooch pins were glued to the back with an Epoxy after the finished product has been baked.

Did you know 

-if you take your Bananas apart when you get them home from the store they will last longer
      -Bananas connected at the stem ripen faster.

 -that if you peel a Banana the way a primate does, from the bottom up that you won't have to pick the little stringy things away

                                                                                 An Apple a day
Polymer Clay
 I craft like I cook. Orderly and tidy.
I clean, wipe, stack, sort and pile along the way so I never have to look behind me and say "Oy Veh"
(as my Grandmother used to say)  I can move forward with the business of getting it done knowing that all the wiping in my space has been done.
I think it also helps to keep my mind clear. Cluttered or messy space = cluttered or messy mind!

I also like to arrive at the end of a project feeling like I have a moment to celebrate...time to admire my accomplishments!
Never mind  that at any given moment, at the opening of the front door, I can be sidetracked and distracted by the hub of entering activity and the familiar sounds of
"Hey Mom, this broke. Can you fix it for me....? 

 Work in a clean,organized, well lit space. Its a healthier, happy place.
  Keep your tools clean and your conscience clear! Keep your imagination alive and your Polymer near!

Go get it. Do It! Be It! Love It. Feel IT!
But above all else just do it!
Have fun in your Crafting Day!

Laugh, Smile, Be Happy and Play!
Have you hugged your kids today?  I grab a hug from mine any time I am able,which is usually at the front door of a departure or at the kitchen table after my kids have politely thanked me for their dinner.
Grateful they have grown to be warm and polite I'll also get a hug from them before they bed tonight.
And as I lay my weary head on my freshly changed pillow case, I know that I love them all more and more each day...

You already have all you need at home, to Craft with Kids!
Just short of Inspiration?

Check out Amazon Book Ideas and Prices!
And then open the craft boxes, pull out the junk drawer, grab some juice lids and Styrofoam, newspaper, berry baskets or a loaf of bread! Put on your Crafting Cap and play merrily.

MY MY Martha, where the creativity never ends!