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 Lillian the Domestic Engineer

 I work with my hands
 through my Soul at creating myself.
I speak in many mediums and in every color

  Oh Baby
These booties are beauties.
  Baby Booties

I was asked TO create a 3D Advent Calendar. 
The request was accompanied with this deadline plea...
"Be really good to get that by the weekend Mom. Thanks. I Love You

    Boxed Calendar


The comforts of home
and the joys of crafting.

With the cob webs cleaned and the mirrors all shining
 I set out to seek an indoor project, made to inspire!

Pillows are perfect!     More HERE

Lillian the Domestic Engineer -Craft Blog

 More HERE

  Another Up Cycled Denim Design.
                      An artful Apron.
                      Stuff a set of oven mitts in the pocket and put it to work in the kitchen.
                      Put paper, paints and a brush in the pocket and paint a starry night!
                      Supply sandpaper and put it to work in the shop.

Up Cycled denim@ Craft blog

                            Up Cycled Denim -Summer Suit

Fashioned from the leg of blue jeans these adorable sun suits are a super summer solution for little boys and little girls alike.More HERE


Denim wear- second time around
All that glitters is good!                         
                       Spring is the season of the joys of new life. 
                     A season of clean outlooks and fresh starts. 
Spring cleaning?
 Get started in your closet by hanging all the garments in your closet on a backwards hanger. I typically hang my hangers with the C facing away from me and over the rod  So instead I hung everything on the hangers with the C coming towards me from the back of the rod. 
Read On HERE


Round and round it goes..
Tire Tube Bikini

I am the proud parent of four Sons.
I have paid my dues if you will.

Minor Hockey Fees, 
local Baseball fees, 
School Volleyball fees,
the Bike Club Whistler dreams, 
the field trips
and yup, even the magazines 
has all led me right to here. 
or is that Fed me up right up to here? 

See more HERE 
The enjoyable experience of crafting greeting cards is
only compounded by the recipients joy of the experience.

Make your own Greeting Cards HERE

Greeting Card DIY

Potato Prints
These are easier than pie and simpler than Borsch to make!
CARDS Potato Print

Make your own HERE

I've had this old frame for years.
For a long time it hung near the front door where it was used as a post it place.
Kids photos, artwork and notes were tacked or pinned onto the front of it.

Jewelry Display

It is now my Jewelry Display frame. HOW TO here
 Create your own Coloring Book

Lillian the Domestic Engineer -Coloring Book

 Customize it.
 A Team Coloring Book is a great personalized gift.
 A Family picture coloring book can be completed with name and titles.
 A nature or scenic coloring book becomes educational.



 Make your own Crayons
 I have always enjoyed coloring. I remember as a youngster the thrill of getting a new set of Crayola Crayons along with a brand new coloring book at Christmas time. It really was one of my favorite things. 
I liked the thick Coloring Books that came complete with maze puzzles and word finds.
Mixing and blending colors was my favorite pass time but I have always been a color only between the lines
kind of colorer. Lol.

I did not however like to color with a broken crayon. 
That fact remains. More HERE

Make your own Crayon

CRAFTS@ Lillian the Domestic

 Button, Button, whose got the buttons?
   I remember the pleasures of fiddling through the buttons in my Grandmas button box. 

   I would scoop up a handful of buttons up and let them fall through my fingers like sand on the beach, -Imagining the shiny buttons were discovered diamonds in the rough
and the gold buttons all rings, once placed on my hand, at the base of my fingers.
 I used to wonder aloud about the buttons beginnings. Where did they all come from? Were they all once worn on an article of clothing? Why were there so many of some and only one of another kind?
 How did they make the shiny ones so pretty? Would I have my own button box someday?

 Make you own BUTTON CARD here


 Christmas Balls
 created in the kitchen
Christmas Ornaments
 Take another look.
Almost everything and anything goes over a Styrofoam ball.
Fabric pieces can be pinned in place or wrapped creatively around the ball and tied with a seasonal bow.
Balls can be dipped in glue and rolled in glitter to deck the halls.
Old Christmas cards can be cut and kept in place using glitter glue smeared all over the place!




Easy to make Greeting Cards

Craft your own CARDS
 Simple Traditions

I'm a little old fashioned. 
I believe that there are a few 
holiday traditions that should not be tampered with-
one of those being the paper Greeting Card .

The Greeting Card is the perfect example of the fact
 that wonderful things do come in small packages.

Greeting Cards are the keepers of cherished memories
and a fine forum for fond sentiments. 
Their paper folds harbor a safe place for the scent of souls passed
as sure as the graphics present a feast for the eyes to behold..

 Make your own Card here.

                                 Gift the bag!

CRAFTS your own Rice Bag
                               Easy, economical, enjoyable
                                         = Hot, Hot, Hot!
click HERE 

Get EGG- cited 

 Happy Easter!
You have all you need in your kitchen to create beautiful Egg-citing creations!
Click HERE for More!

My, My Thumper. Acrylic Paint.
See more of my Window Art HERE

Materials Needed:
Dollar Store Delights.
Food Color

Calling all   CRAFTY CHICKS
         These Eggs are Ducky!
 Click on the link above to see more info
Window Splashes by Lillian the Domestic Engineer
Window ART

 Window Splashes here

Let the Sun shine in!
Art is the window to the Soul of a community

Polymer Clay Cane BOWLS
Polymer Clay Bowls Click HERE
I enjoy filling both my time and my spaces with handmade creations!
 I work with my hands through my Soul at creating myself.

 I speak in many mediums and in every color,
 working contentedly at whatever the endeavor.
So enjoyable is the process of the Creation of whatever it may be that arises from the depth of my essential needs....
that as sure as I "AM" by virtue of breathing,
is my need to create the tactile and pleasing.
Master of moments rendered in time
 resulting in products of body and mind.
I have manged to craft along the way all in the name of my sanity. Whether I be crafting memories or mixing play dough to please... Whether I be making jewelry in the kitchen with adult plasticine or stitching up the PJ's I saw in a magazine.... Whether I be painting the walls or washing the halls I work at completing it all, Artfully!
   Angels amongst us
 Angel CRAFT
 Aren't these Precious!

 I made these Angels to hang
from the rear view mirror of your car.

Not large enough to obstruct your view
but big enough to reflect beautiful light
from the Chrystal beads back to you!

Heaven sent, I'd say so!
See more HERE


Valentines CRAFT
Eat your Heart Out

A delicious, no calorie, Valentine Cupcake!

Click below for instructions


Paper Heart CRAFT

        I Give YOU My Heart

Valentines DAY Gift - Paper Hearts
  Happy Valentines Day
Crafting Paper Hearts

A lovely gift 
for anyone on your Love list.
Make It.
More here

Lillian the Domestic

Happy Valentines Day, My Loves

Card n Craft
 This large card was created with a full sheet of Card Stock that I simply folded in half.
I used Water color paint to swirl on the two tones of pink paint that create the start of the flowers and then after the paint dried I used a  black sharpie to sketch on the leaves.
I love you a whole Bunch was written inside.

More HERE 

 Gel Candles are easily created in your own kitchen. 
For a small cost and with a minimal time investment...the results can be lovely!

Yes YOU Candle click HERE

 Michael's Craft Store has all you need to get started today! 
Melt and Pour Gel
 Coloring wax
Essential Oils for scents
Wick and holder
Floral finds and jeweled bits!
Candle CRAFT


             It may be Frosty outside ( a mere 38 degrees below)
Handmade FROSTY Ornament

but I am warmed inside by the memories of Christmas's past.

Check out this wonderful collection of Grandma Made
Christmas Ornaments

 A Bright Idea

Christmas Lightbulb ORNAMENT
These Hand Painted Light Bulb ORNAMENTS
 are truly one of a kind!

  A Light Bulb Moment  

Click above to view more Grandma Made Ornaments
  This POT is legal!
Teachers Pen Pot
                                       These Pen Pots are the perfect gift for everyone on your list.
                                         Write On! Make your own HERE

 Pen Pots for Mothers Day
Crafts @ Lillian the Domestic

 Plant a Pen Today! CLICK HERE
 I just love these!
 Make Mom a Pen Pot for Mothers Day.
 Make and take one to work to brighten up your desk today. Create a bunch and throw a Garden Party today, marking the place settings with a gift your guests can then take away. 
Have the kids create one for the Teacher or your elderly neighbor just to say, Thanks for being there, You brighten our day.


Make your own CARDS shine with Embossing Powder!

CARDS - All that glitter
All that Glitter

Available at most craft stores
 in a multitude of colors,
Embossing Powder is a Home Made Card finishing must!

 Tile it like it is
 Kitchen Back splash here

I started this project in my kitchen on a Friday evening and had completed it by Sunday afternoon. 
Don't let the notion that it takes too much time rob you of the opportunity to try. Just Do IT!
Celebrate your own style with Tiles! Small projects can be successfully completed in a weekend.

                                                                                      Tile Terrific TABLE HERE

A million little Bits make it Whole.

This Tiled Display arose
from my need for a fun, funky, light weight, durable, portable Display Unit for my Polymer Clay Jewelry and from my absolute Love of the process of working with tiles
Tile and mirror finished with brown grout.

               The completed project
         The Earring Display
Tiled Cedar Block
Instructions HERE

TILE your own
  Fit to be Tiled!!

Let a border of creatively placed tiles
 spiffy up your bathroom. 

More Picture HERE 


      Click above for more 

Beads, Baubles and Silk Neck Ties!

Silk Tie Necklace. A pleasure on your neck. A feast for your eyes.

UP CYCLED Neck Tie Jewelry

A Neck Tie for your I-Phone?  
 See them HERE
 I Phone TIE Case

These beautiful reworked Ties become beautiful satchels, a perfect fit for your I Phone, your Eye Glasses, your Cards, ID and your  Lipstick too!
Each Tie Satchel is stitched with Love using
Silk Ties and a 100% leather strapping. The knot can be re tied for a perfect fit across the shoulder..

Make your own Minnie Mouse Costume!

Minnie Mouse Costume
This year I have risen to and enjoyed the process of creating Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes for one of my Sons and his Lady friend.
I was thrilled with the end results and happy to successfully work within the budget.
Less than 15.00 for each costume went into purchasing the materials I needed and the blood, sweat and tears were lovingly provided for free.

Minnie Costume Instructions HERE

       Making Mickey
       Oh Mickey you're so fine you blow my mind.

A black turtle neck, black long johns, a 3.00 blanket from the dollar store,
a black toque , quilted gloves, cotton outer glove, yellow felt booties, a bow tie 
and you're ready to fly!
Mickey Costume Instruction HERE
Mickey Mouse Costume
See Minnie Mouse HERE
  House Elf Costumes 
Dobby and Winky Costumes
Thank you for the memories.
Buzz Lightyear!

I'm enjoying arriving at the time when my kids have aged through the awkward stage and the opposition era.
A time when nothing I said, did or made was
 or would ever be considered remotely right or even possibly plausible!
Each, slowly arriving at a place where they are willing to acknowledge and even employ their talented Mother
(if I must say so myself) and dare I say,  if I don't toot my own horn who will?
 I jumped this year at the request to create a Buzz Light Year Costume....

Lilian, Crafting a collection of memories.
While you're in diggin up dinner 
send the kids out diggin up rocks.


 Glue a Magnet to the back of the finished rock and they become  Computer Bugs or Fridge Magnets.
Line them up in your Winter Garden just for fun!

Send the kids
 outside to play!

Instructions HERE

 Felt Ornaments
 Aren't these precious!

I found this lovely little collection of Hand Made Felt Ornaments all together in bag, on the table at a garage sale many years ago.

Christmas FELT Ornaments

Somebody, somewhere, put a lot of love and an awful lot of time into the making of them.They are meticulous and obviously hand made. The simplicity in their design is exquisite!
 Don't you wish they could talk to reveal the story behind their very creation and their colorful existence?

MORE @ A Stitch in Time

How Sweet it is.  
 A sweet twist on the traditional Gingerbread house. Make it with sugar cubes.

Sugar Cube House
 I build the project on top of a cut piece of foam core which is purchased for 2.00 a sheet at the Dollar Store.
 To cut the board, simply score with a sharp knife, bend on line and slice remaining paper with knife.

The roof and the support walls inside the house will also be fashioned from foam core.

Click here for more..HERE
From Out dated to Updated

  The thrill of finding a treasure in the corner of a little second hand store is as much a part of me as getting a steal of a deal on a family pack at the grocery store.

With a second hand store almost next door to the grocery store I shop at, a pop in just to see has become somewhat of a tradition for me.
 Conveniently, fill a bag day at the Second hand Store is on Thursdays which also happens to be grocery shopping day for me!

Read more HERE at For the Love of Crafting

CRAFT with Toilet tubes

 You'll never look at  an empty roll the same way again
These Marvelous Marionettes 
are just one of a multitude of magical things to do with empty toilet rolls.

Read More HERE 

Click HERE 
SEW, I must cut first


Engage your imagination!!
There is no right and no wrong way to Originality.

Creating COAT PINS 

If you can dream it, you CAN Do IT! 
Look around. Think outside of the box.. Incorporate Polymer Clay, Polymer Clay Canes, broken jewelry bits, leather, fun plastic, dollar store finds, beads, fabric paint, feathers, pom poms...and whatever else you may happen to find lying around. literally into Jewelry! I have crafted wire beads from colored wire found on the ground and incorporated broken, run over bits of jewels found into pieces I have worn.
The list could go on and on.... Anybodies junk is this Woman's treasures!

Read More HERE

Get Crafty in your Kitchen

Homemade Soap and Bath Bombs
   Which came first? The Basket or the Craft? 
Click HERE  
When Ducks Squawk!
This Ducky Craft is as easy to make
 as he is to love.
  I was hoping to find yellow cups for this class Spring project 
but could only find the red cups in the Dollar Store. 

  Red Cup Duck he be!
 Click When Ducks Squawk 


Lillian the Domestic Engineer                          
  Knock, Knock, Knocking

Decorative Door Knocker
These Door Knockers are wonderful little "Last minute" Gift Ideas.

I started with an assortment of balls and then dug into my seasonal drawer
for Ribbons and Bows, Greenery and Glitter
Cords and Cards, Love and Lace!

Click HERE for More

 Up Cycled Neck Tie
Saxxy Snake Craft
Thank You for your Interest and your Support.
Check back often to stay Updated.
Lillian the Domestic Engineer.

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